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The Outcast
Book 4 Cover.jpg
Author/s Taran Matharu
Release Date May 1st 2018
Publisher Feiwel & Friends
Series Summoner Series
Pages 400
Preceded by
Followed by
The Novice
Release Order
Released after
The Battlemage
Released before
The Summoner's Handbook

The Outcast is a prequel and the fourth novel in the Summoner Series by Taran Matharu.


Arcturus is just an orphaned stable boy when he discovers he has the ability to summon demons from another world. He is sent to Vocans Academy where the lost arts of summoning, spell craft, and demonology are taught to the noble children of the Empire. As the first commoner gifted with this ability, his discovery challenges the nobility and the powers that be and Arcturus soon makes enemies. With no one but his demon Sacharissa by his side, Arcturus must prove himself as a worthy Summoner...


Arcturus steals a summoning scroll from Charles Faversham. He is taken to a prison cell in King Alfric’s castle when he is surprised to find out that he is to be taken to Vocans Academy, a school for summoners. Once Arctrus arrives at Vocans, he is taken to a scale which measures your fulfillment level, which basically tells you what level summoner you are, by the Provost of Vocans, Obadiah Forsyth. Arcturus has a fulfillment level of 8, which Provost Forsyth considered very high for a commoner. Later in the book, Arturus gets invited to Edmund Raleigh's for the weekend along with some of the other students at Vocans including Elain Lovett, who hitches a ride. The kids get separated after they run into Orcs, the main bad guys. They later escape the Orcs just to be captured by a group of civilians who are rebelling against King Alfric. The group of summoners then escape the rebels and go to the town center to confront their noble parents. Prince Harold makes a speech and promises the civilians to be a good king and asks his father for that title. At the end of the book, Arcturus is invited to Prince Harold's coronation, only for him and many others to be let down when King Alfric says Harold will have the title of king but not the responsibilities of one.




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  • Certain hardback first editions in English include:


  • The Outcast is set before the events of The Novice.

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