The Battlemage
Book 3 Cover
Author/s Taran Matharu
Release Date May 2nd 2017
Publisher Feiwel & Friends
Series Summoner Series
Pages 400
Preceded by
The Inquisition
Followed by
Release Order
Released after
The Inquisition
Released before
The Outcast

The Battlemage is the third novel in the Summoner Series by Taran Matharu.


Fletcher and his friends will find themselves fighting for their very survival as they traverse the ether in search of a way back to their world. Hunted by Wyvern-riding orc shamans and the savage demons that inhabit the alien jungles, the four intrepid warriors race against time before their dwindling supply of antidote for the ether’s poison runs out.


The book begins with where the previous book, The Inquisition, left off with Fletcher and his friends; Sylva Arkenia, Othello Thorsager, Cress Freyja and Fletcher's recently rescued mother, Alice Queensouth. Arriving in the Ether after being forced to enter as the Orc's strong attack overwhelms the team.

The team finds that the portal has left them on a floating island, which they soon discover is a Zaratan that they eventually named Sheldon, a giant turtle like demon. The group then proceeds to discuss the ambush which lead them to escape through the portal but are interrupted as the Zaratan is surrounded by Sobeks, alligator/crocodile like demons, Fletcher manages to save the group with a frost spell.





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