Tarquin 01
General Information
Full Name Tarquin Forsyth
Race Human
Status Alive
Residence Vocans Academy
Occupation Battlemage
Rank Captain
Fulfillment Level 12
Family Members Zacharias Forsyth (father)
Josephine Queensouth (mother)
Isadora Forsyth (twin sister)
Alice Queensouth (aunt)
Fletcher Raleigh (cousin)
Obadiah Forsyth (grandfather)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue-gray

Tarquin Forsyth is a noble from the Forsyth family and a battlemage from Vocans Academy.

Physical descriptionEdit

He was described as handsome with chiseled cheekbones and angelic blond hair that went down to the nape of his neck. His blue-gray eyes were hard and cruel.


Tarquin is shown to be selfish, bigoted, spoiled, narcissistic, vain and arrogant. These personality traits can be seen throughout the series.

He holds most people, including soldiers, teachers and even other nobles in contempt and openly disrespects them. Like his father, he places his own ambition above the good of his kingdom.


Early lifeEdit

He was born with summoning abilities like other noble children and was trained in summoning arts prior to joining the academy. He was even gifted a Hydra from his father.

The NoviceEdit

He along with the other nobles arrived in the middle of the night in Vocans Academy. Tarquin and his sister would complain about the state of Vocans after letting commoners in. He and Isadora would become the leaders of the other nobles and listened to Provost Scipio's speech about the final test, snidely demanding that he not be placed in any dwarf or criminal divisions.

He usually skipped lessons due to them already knowing much of it. The two of them would befriend the elf Sylva who was acting as a diplomat for her people. They brought her to Corcillum with them. Despite having their demons with them, they quickly abandoned her when she was attacked by a group of men and nearly executed. 

The next day he was surprised to see that she was still alive. He would be present in Captain Lovett's class where she brought her Mite Valens into the Ether, only for him to be attacked by a Shrike. The Captain would enter the Ether after him and attempt to rescue him but was injured in the process and the Shrike was able to pass through the portal. Fletcher was able to beat it back much to Tarquin's frustration as he planned to capture it. He summoned Trebius to fight Fletcher but before he could, Arcturus and Scipio arrives to tend to Captain Lovett. Tarquin lied and said that he and Fletcher attempted to scare the Shrike away.

After that, a replacement teacher in the form of Damian Rook would arrive, an Inquisitor who favored the nobles and had all students check their fulfillment level. Tarquin would win the favor of Rook after scoring a twelve.

He would receive a letter from his father, informing them that their plan for attacking the Dwarf meeting would happen that night.

After their plan was foiled by Fletcher and Sylva, who along with Othello and Seraph train to defeat them, he and Isadora would try to drive a wedge between them and the other commoners.

During the competition he would win the first round. On the second he would defeat Seraph, allowing him to advance to the semi-finals. There he would fight Sylva and leave her badly injured afterward. In his final duel with Fletcher he initially gained the upper hand, but was caught off guard when Fletcher unleashed three spells at once and knocked him out.

Afterwards his father would berate him regarding his failure for losing the competition.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities