Summoner: The Novice Wikia

Summoning scrolls are what is used by various summoners in the Summoner series to summon demons from the ether for the first time or to bind a demon to a summoner.

They can also be used by a summoner to gift demons to one another, even if the demon in question is still bound to a summoner. An example of this would be Ignatius' original Orcish summoner gifting the Salamander to his apprentice while Ignatius was still bound to him. This resulted in the bond being transferred to the apprentice, while the original master lost his connection to Ignatius.

All races that have the capacity to summon employ summoning scrolls, such as Orcs, Humans, and Elves.

The method used to manufacture summoning scrolls are currently unknown, but all share some common elements:

They are always written on organic material, like leather, wood, or even skin, and are usually written in the language of the race that created them. Despite this fact, summoners of any race are able to use any summoning scroll, (regardless of which race created it) provided that they are able to read the scroll.

A notable example of this is Fletcher Raleigh and how he summoned Ignatius by reading an orcish scroll that had been translated into Hominian.

It is speculated that the reason for this omni-species compatibility is due to the scrolls' contents being derived from a far more ancient language unrelated to any modern ones that each race just copies down phonetically. The evidence for this theory includes Fletcher describing the writing as more sounds than words.