General Information
Full Name Seraph Pasha
Race Human
Status Alive
Residence Vocans Academy
Occupation Battlemage
Fulfillment Level 7
Family Members Unnamed father
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Seraph Pasha is a commoner born Summoner who graduated from Vocans Academy. He was later elevated to a noble by King Harold.

Physical descriptionEdit

He has black hair and olive skin, and it is said that he might come from a border village near the Akhad Desert in eastern Hominum. Seraph is described as handsome, with a chiseled jaw and lively eyes that were hooded with long lashes.


Seraph is described by Fletcher as charismatic and an excellent story teller. He is shown to be rather knowledgeable regarding Vocans academy. He has a good deal of foresight to research about what goes there before arriving. He is also quite a charmer, constantly trying to flirt with the girls at Vocans, showing specific interest in Isadora. Seraph is very light hearted and has a strong sense of comedy.

Despite that, he appears rather tactless when speaking at times such as bursting Rory's bubble when he believes he's improving his fulfillment level which causes him to leave, visibly upset.

He holds no ill will towards Dwarves, likely because his father often works with them as his business partners.


Early lifeEdit

Serpah along with the other commoners who tested positive were sent to Vocans Academy to be trained a Battlemages.

The NoviceEdit

Although two students were offered Mites, immediately, Seraph refused as he learned from research and from other servants that the teachers would offer more powerful demons later on.

He and Atlas were introduced to Fletcher and Othello over lunch. The next day Seraph was present in Provost Scipio's speech introducing their teachers and explaining the final competition at the end of the year. He later receives a Barkling from Arcturus which he names Sliver. He was considered one of the more advanced students in his class, as he was able to successfully summon a Wyrdlight.

Seraph along with the other students would journey to Corcillum to spend their money. He would join Rory and Genevieve in the perfumery, though mostly to admire the girls there.

Later he would question Fletcher, Othello, and Sylvia about why the arrived so late after they were attacked by Grindle. He was present when Captain Lovett was injured by a Shrike and replaced with Damian Rook. He scored the second highest score among commoners, seven to Fletcher's nine.

After Fletcher overheard a conversation between Isadora and Tarquin, Seraph would reveal that his father was the owner to the only major concentration of sulfur for gunpowder along with an exclusive trading deal with the Dwarves. Because of that, and Seraph's ability to be a Summoner his family was strongly considered to be raised into nobility.

After Fletcher, Othello and Sylva uncovered the Forsyth's plot to instigate a war with the Dwarves and Elves, they told Seraph about it and agreed to train with them in order to defeat Tarquin and Isadora in the final tournament. The four of them would be caught by the other commoners during one of their secret training sessions and would leave in disgust.

During the competition he would be able to defeat Atlas and a Second-year in the first round, though he would lose to Tarquin in the second round.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities


  • Sliver - Barkling



  • Seraph was one of the first commoners in a thousand years to be raised with nobility.