Summoner: The Novice Wikia

Scrying Stones are oval-shaped stones that all summoners use to see and hear through their demons when they touch the stone to the demon's body. Scrying stones can vary in size, with the biggest about chicken-egg-sized and the smallest about the size of a silver shilling. Scrying stones are first mentioned in The Novice, when Captain Elaine Lovett takes out the Oculus for the students to see the Ether through her Mite Valens.

The Oculus[]

The Oculus appears as a a giant, fist-sized scrying stone that resides at Vocans Academy. it is first mentioned in The Novice, when Captain Lovett shows the Ether in it to the first-year students through her Mite Valens. It is later shown in The Battlemage when Arcturus is showing a group of novices the ether, and Fletcher and his friends hurl through the portal.


Fulfilmeters are towers made out of a hundred or more segments of stones charged with demonic energy, each segment standing as tall as a man. The only known fulfilmeter stands at Vocans, and it so tall it stands as tall as one of the towers.

Fulfilmeters are used for testing the mana levels of demons and summoners alike, and it is done when the demon or summoner presses his or her hand to the stone at the bottom of the fulfilmeter and the number of segments that light up on the fulfilmeter represent the mana level the demon or summoner has. for example, if a summoner is level 9, then 9 segments will light up. If, instead, he is level 3, then 3 segments will light up, and so on.