Summoner: The Novice Wikia

Salamanders are a kind of demon used by Summoners seen throughout the series.


The Salamander is a surprisingly powerful demon for its level. Despite only being a level-five demon, it has a base mana count of 45 and the ability to both breathe fire and heal itself. Since Salamanders are not known to be found in Hominum's part of the ether, they are rarely used by summoners.

About the size of a ferret, Salamanders are small, lizard-like demons with long limbs that allow them to lope like a mountain wolf instead of scuttle like their earthly counterpart. They have no teeth, but their snout ends in a strong beak. Their tails can also be used to push back small enemies, and their legs end in sharp claws.

Curiously, the Salamander is the only known demon to evolve, increasing its size, mana and fulfillment level. This metamorphosis is triggered by lava - it evolves first into a Drake, then into the vicious Dragon. According to the Orc Prophecy etched on the insides of the great pyramid, a Salamander is the key to the orcs' victory or defeat. The exact reason for this is unknown, but it is likely because of the Salamander's powerful evolution, the Dragon.

Known owners of Salamanders[]