Summoner: The Novice Wikia
Sacharissa 01.png
General Information
Also known as Sacha
Race Demon - Canid
Status Alive
Occupation Arcturus' Demon
Fulfillment Level 7
Physical Description
Gender Female

Sacharissa is a Canid type Demon that belongs to Arcturus.

Physical description[]

Sacharissa is a black-haired Canid with blue eyes. She is about the size of a small horse that could easily have been ridden with a thick patch of fur running across her spine.



Early life[]

Sacharissa was originally captured by Lord Royce Faversham for his son, Charles.


Rather than summoning the Canid, Charles decided to wait until he got to the academy. After a long journey, Charles decided to stop at an inn to rest. While he was sleeping, a stable boy named Arcturus attempted to steal his things, stumbled upon the Canid's scroll and accidentally summoned her.

After Arcturus was captured by the noble, Sacharissa was whipped to see how Arcturus would react and if he could feel her pain. After it became clear that he did indeed possess Summoning abilities, Sacharissa was locked in a crate and transported to Vocans Academy alongside Arcturus.

The Novice[]

Sachrissa along with her master would be in Corcillum when they spotted another Summoner in an inn. He was nearly robbed when he left by a trio of thieves. Though he managed to kill one thief, the Summoner was nearly shot but was saved by a shield raised by Arcturus. Sarcharissa killed the two remaining cutthroats as they attempted to flee. The Summoner who introduced himself as Fletcher explained that he had just arrived and Arcturus agreed to sponsor him.

Skills and abilities[]


  • Sacharissa was named after a servant girl that Arcturus once knew. While he took her under his wing she ultimately died soon after.



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