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The Pinkertons are a human organization within the Hominum Empire under the command of the king, serving as the kingdom's police force.


The Pinkertons serve as the lawmakers and police of Homunum. They serve directly under the royal family, specifically under King Alfric whom they are fiercely loyal to. They can normally be seen patrolling the city streets for lawbreakers or protecting caravans of traders that move from town to town from bandits.

Despite their role as peacekeepers, the Pinkertons have gained a reputation for corruption and discrimination against non-humans. This has led to cases of them beating, threatening, and arresting innocent dwarves for seemingly minor offences.

Such actions likely stem from the king's own prejudices against non-human groups which have allowed them to operate with immunity largely escape any major repercussions.

They wear dark blue uniforms with brass buttons. In terms of weaponry, the Pinkerton's main weapon is metal-studded truncheons capable of breaking a man's bones. Along with this, they often are armed with firearms such as pistols and muskets.


Two Pinkertons were seen escorting a group of traders to the village Pelt. They were invited to stay with the village moneylender, Caspar, where they discussed plans of turning Pelt into a prison.  

Later in Corcillum, a pair of Pinkertons named Sergeants Murphy and Turner would beat Othello for carrying a weapon in public. They would nearly shoot Fletcher for attempting to intervene. They would only be driven away after Othello claimed that Fletcher was the son of Lord Forsyth.


  • Atilla and Othello are common victims to the Pinkertons' abuse, though they do not know that they are two different people, partially because they are identical twins, but mainly because they see all Dwarves the same.