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Location: Somewhere in the Beartooth Mountains

Pelt is a village in northern Hominum.


Historically a basic northern settlement in the Beartooth Mountains, Pelt developed into a large village and was home to a relatively steady economy.

During the period leading up to and during The Novice, the Cavell family decimated the population of Pelt financially by handing out loans to poor people who couldn't afford to pay them back, contracting them when they did so. In the fine print of said contracts, that the uneducated and sometimes illiterate couldn't understand, were clauses that left the recipients of the loans in extreme debt to the Cavells.

The Inquisition[]

The Cavell's called in the loans owed by the villagers of Pelt. They took control of almost the entire village through repossessing the property and buying out. The Cavells have realized their vision and turned Pelt into a prison - having brokered a favorable deal with the king - and built themselves a castle fortress on a mountaintop above, one of the most heavily fortified in the entire kingdom.

This left majority of the townspeople of Pelt bankrupt and homeless. Many of whom nearly rioted against the Cavell's guards but were eventually convinced by Fletcher and Berdon to leave Pelt. They were brought by Berdon and Caulder to Fletcher's home of Releighshire where they resettled.


  • Security is prioritized by the village council as they were attacked at least once by a band of thieves.
  • Pelt gets its name due to its production of animal pelts and leathers.