Summoner: The Novice Wikia
Othello 01.png
General Information
Full Name Othello Thorsager
Race Dwarf
Status Alive
Residence Vocans Academy
Occupation Battlemage
Fulfillment Level 10 (The Novice)
Family Members Uhtred Thorsager (father)
Briss Thorsager (mother)
Atilla Thorsager (twin brother)
Essie Thorsager (sister)
Thaissa Thorsager (sister)
Ulfr (relative)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green

Othello Thorsager is a dwarf summoner who graduated from Vocans Academy.

Physical description[]

Othello is described as short, barely up to Fletcher's waist but with a powerful, stocky body. He also sports a dark red beard and bushy eyebrows, though in The Inquisition, he had his beard trimmed by Jakov and his pony tail cut off.


Between him and his twin Atilla, Othello seems to be the more even tempered of the two. He does not hold the same level of hatred and distrust towards humans as others in his family. He is strongly opposed to the idea of going to war against the humans.

When first introduced he initially appeared to be a loner, unwelcoming to anyone. Fletcher would notice that it was merely a face he puts on and manages to get him to open up.


Early life[]

Othello and his twin brother Atilla were considered inseparable as children, always together and getting into mischief. Though that changed after suffering repeated abuses by the Pinkertons and other humans. Due to differing opinions, the two would begin to grow apart. Atilla favored a more aggressive approach by going to war and fighting them, while Othello was more moderate and wished to work with humans. At some point, he was tested as a Summoner and came out positive. His family was initially reluctant to let him go to Vocans Academy, but relented once he explained that he wished to learn from them and at the same time prove that the Dwarves can be trusted and deserve to have equal rights to humans.

==Skills and abilities==

  • Summoning Abilities
  • Axe fighting
  • Axe throwing
  • Marksmanship