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Mites are a kind of demon used by Summoners seen throughout the series.


Mites are one of, if not the weakest demons available to Summoners. They have a fulfillment level of 1 and are among the most common demons in the Ether. They are a common food source to other, larger demons. They are normally given out to first-year Battlemages, generally commoners, before they can acquire more powerful demons.

Mites resemble a large insect and come in a variety of colors from blue, red to white. They come in a number of different subspecies with the Scarab Mite being the most powerful. These Mites have the ability to fly and when they reach adulthood, grow a stinger capable of temporarily paralyzing a human. These demons may be small, but they can be very effective in battle.

Because of their small size and flight capabilities, Mites are often used as scouts before more powerful demons are sent in.

Types of Mites[]

Lesser Mites[]

Lesser Mites are the most common demon in Hominum’s part of the ether and are the food source of many demonic species. They are usually around the same size and appearance as the beetles one finds in Hominum. This similarity in appearance has allowed some summoners, both orc and human, to spy on their enemies undetected. However, using up an entire summoning level on such a weak demon is considered wasteful by most.

Scarab Mites[]

Though there are several species of smaller, insect-like Mites, Scarab Mites are the most powerful of the Mite genus. These demons appear as large flying beetles and vary from dull brown to brightly colored. When full grown, a Scarab develops a weapon to complement its powerful mandibles—a nasty stinger, which can temporarily paralyze its enemy. Many summoners use Mites as scouts to explore the ether before sending a more powerful demon in to hunt.

Known owners of Mites[]