Summoner: The Novice Wikia

Mason is a soldier of the Forsyth Furys and was one of the guides through the jungle.

General Information
Race Human
Age 16 (the Inquisition)
Occupation Soldier
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown

Physical Description[]

Mason is a small, skinny boy with brown hair. His skin is taned from a lot of outside work.


Early Live[]

When Mason was 14, he enlisted as a soldier to the Forsyth. At the age of 15, Mason was captured and enslaved by Orcs, together with nine other Humans. During that time he met the captive Alice Queensouth, at this point thought to be Elizabeth Cavendish. He also witnessed the creation of the Goblins. After two years he managed to escape, taking a Goblin Corpse with him, thus warning Hominum of the imminent danger.

The Inquisition[]

During the council meeting, Mason is brought in by Zacharias Forsyth to retell the story of his capture. He is later choosen as the guide of Marik Saldinis group through the orc jungle.

After they reunite with the other groups, Mason accompanys Fletcher Raleigh and Rufus Cavendish to free the supposed Elizabeth Cavendish. The other slaves are located in the same room, together with a large number of Goblins. Mason first wants to rescue the slaves by himself, but can not bring himself to do so, thanks to his trauma. Fletcher offers to do it instead. When Fletcher and the slaves try to sneek back, one of the Goblins wakes up, but is shoot by Mason, before they can sound alarm.

The Battlemage[]

Mason was one of the Forsyth soldiers stationed at the boarder between Raleighshire and the orc jungle. When they are attacked by a army of Goblins and Orcs, he manages to kill a few, before he is defeated. As revenge for killing some of them, the Orcs tie him to a manchineel tree in the hope that he die a slow death. Shortly before that can happen, Mason is rescued and healed by Fletcher. Mason also helps him with the traps.