Lysander 01
General Information
Race Demon - Griffin
Status Alive
Occupation Sylva's Demon
Elaine's Demon (former)
Fulfillment Level 10
Physical Description
Gender Male

Lysander is a Griffin type Demon that once belong to Elaine Lovett. However, after Fletcher and his group escaped into the ether, Lysander's bond with Elaine was severed causing him to go wild. Sylva was then chosen to harness him since she was without a demon.

Physical descriptionEdit

Lysander is a Griffin type Demon with the body, tail and back legs of a lion and the head, wings and talons of an eagle.


Lysander is a noble and gentle demon who treats most if not all he meets with respect. He greatly loves his master, Elaine, nuzzling her after being summoned and acting as her 'legs' after Elaine's ether poisoning paralyses her.

After his connection withe Elaine is broken, Lysander briefly regresses back to his wild state. In this state, he was vicious and instinctual, acting on pure animal drives rather than any sort of logic and attacking Fletcher's team without mercy. After Sylva harnesses him again, his old personality resurfaces.


Early lifeEdit

Lysander originally belonged to Elaine Lovett.

The NoviceEdit

Lysander was Captain Lovett’s primary demon while she was teaching at Vocans.

The InquisitionEdit

Lysander assisted the younger Battlemages on their quest in the orc jungles.

The BattlemageEdit

Lysander travelled into the ether with Fletcher, Othello, Sylva, and Cress. After losing his connection to Captain Lovett, he was re-harnessed by Sylva. He eventually escaped the ether with the others later in The Battlemage.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Flight via Wings



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