General Information
Race Human
Status Deceased
Residence Vocans Academy
Occupation Electra's Assistant
Servant (former)
Physical Description
Gender Male

Jeffrey was a commoner who worked in Vocans Academy as Electra Mabosi's assistant.


Jeffrey was initially shown to be friendly, obedient and hard working. He was an incredibly patriotic person and would do anything to help humanity.

However, he was later revealed to be racist and cruel during the mission to destroy the goblin eggs. He attempted to murder Fletcher and his friends and taking pleasure in it as they were either non-humans or sympathetic towards Dwarves and Elves.

Physical descriptionEdit


Early lifeEdit

The NoviceEdit

Jeffrey started out as a servant at Vocans Academy. When Fletcher first arrived at the Academy, Jeffrey was surprised at the amount of respect the new summoner showed him. The two of them quickly became friends as he showed Fletcher around Vocans academy and explained some of the history.

He was one of the servants who greeted the arriving nobles to Vocans. He was ordered by Tarquin to carry his things to his new quarters.

The InquisitionEdit

Jeffrey was later made Professor Electra Mabosi's assistant and helped her with her research about the Ether. Electra later elected Jeffrey to be the guide on Fletcher's team while they ventured into the Orc's Jungle.

Throughout their expedition, Jeffrey attempted to assassinate Fletcher and frame Cress in order to discredit the dwarves.

While trying to escape the Orc temple, Jeffrey murdered Rufus Cavendish and paralyses Fletcher and the rest of the team. He later reveals that with help from Zacharias Forsyth, he framed The Anvils for all the terrorist attacks in order to show that dwarves could not be trusted.

Fletcher later knocks him out with a lightning bolt in the back. He is after held by an Oni when Fletcher blasts the tunnel down killing Jeffrey along with the demons massing around him.

Skills and abilitiesEdit


  • Blow Pipe