General Information
Full Name James Rotherham
Also known as Rotter
Race Human
Status Deceased
Residence Raleighshire (former)
Occupation Soldier
Rank Private (former)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Brown (former)
James Rotherham aka Rotter is the soldier that was in possession of James Baker's summoning book. He also escorted Arcturus and other students of Vocans in The Outcast.

Physical descriptionEdit

Rotter is described as a grizzled looking soldier with gray hair and an unshaven face. His mouth is also full of missing teeth.

In The Outcast, he is described as being in his thirties, with light-brown hair and an infectious grin.


Rotter is a kind individual that originally gave the summoning book that was in his possession to Fletcher as an act of thanks for his help. Despite his friendliness, he'd not hesitate to defend himself or his companions with his life.

In The Outcast, he is described as a damn good soldier, but immature. He loves to joke around. If it weren't for this, Sergeant Caulder would've promoted him.


Early lifeEdit

In The Outcast, Rotter is in his thirties, and is the Private of Sergeant Caulder, along with other soldiers. However, an attack near Raleightown killed the soldiers except Rotter and Sergeant Caulder.

The NoviceEdit

The InquisitionEdit

The BattlemageEdit

Skills and abilitiesEdit