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Ignatius 01.png
General Information
Race Demon - Drake
Demon - Salamander (former)
Age 2000+
Status Alive
Occupation Fletcher's Demon
Orc's Demon (former)
Fulfillment Level Unknown
5 (former)
Physical Description
Gender Male

Ignatius is a Salamander/Drake/Dragon type Demon that belongs to Fletcher Raleigh.

Physical description[]

Ignatius is a creature about the size of a ferret, with a similarly lithe body and limbs long enough that he would be able to lope with the grace of a mountain wolf rather than scuttle like a lizard. His smooth skin is a deep burgundy, like a fine wine. Ignatius's eyes are large and round like those of an owl, fiercely intelligent, and the color of raw amber. Ignatius has no teeth, but his snout ends sharply, almost like a river turtle’s beak. As a drake Ignatius has greatly been enhanced in size and strength, is the same size as Lysander, Captain Lovett, and later Sylva’s Griffin. Ignatius was equipped with two large, leathery wings on his back and back facing horns on his head.

It is important to note that at the stages of book 1 and most of book 2, Ignatius is a salamander, and then becomes a drake. Due to the evolutionary nature of this demon, it is possible that ignatius could become a dragon, depending on the relationship of the dragon and the summoner


A rather curious demon, Ignatius is extremely loyal and protective of Fletcher, although he sometimes disobeys him.


Early life[]

Ignatius was once an Orc Shaman's demon that was to be gifted to the Albino Orc in the First Orc War. The ceremony was ultimately interrupted by the combined human-elf army that invaded the Orc lands in order to rescue the son of an Elf Chief who was captured. His summoning scroll ended up getting lost and buried in a mass grave after the raid.

Later his scroll would be found by James Baker, though later on he would be 'killed' and one of his friends, Private Rotherham, would take his satchel with the scroll with him.

The Novice[]

Ignatius was summoned by Fletcher at a graveyard in Pelt. Shortly afterward Fletcher would be hunted and cornered by his rival Didric who planned to kill him, but not before revealing how he and his father planned to convert Pelt into prison and leaving everyone homeless. When Didric and his cohorts attempted to kill Fletcher, Ignatius sensed his fear and attacked Didric in order to protect him. After realizing what Ignatius just did, Fletcher managed to escape through a passage from the graveyard to a chapel.

Afterward, Fletcher and Ignatius would flee Pelt in order to avoid capture from the town guard. During their journey south, Ignatius would help keep them alive by using his fire breath to keep both of them warm. They would learn to communicate with each other through thought.

Eventually, the two would make their way to Corcillum and stay at an inn. Though as they walked through the streets a thief with a loaded pistol attempted to rob Fletcher. Before anything disastrous could happen, a Battlemage intervened and saved the pair.

The Battlemage would sponsor them to Vocans Academy and there Fletcher would find a painting of the King Ignatius leading the charge against the orcs in the First Orc War. There Fletcher decides to give his demon the name Ignatius.

Ignatius would accompany Fletcher in his visit of Corcillum. He uses his fire breath to help heat Dwarven iron to prove to Uhtred Thorsager of his blacksmith abilities and clear him of being a spy. Later when Fletcher and Othello save Sylva from a band of violent humans, he burns the shoulder of one who attempts to execute Sylva.

The Inquisition[]

During the period Fletcher spent in jail, Ignatius kept him company by practicing the spells that Fletcher had learned from a book that his friend, Rotter, gifted him. The book was snuck in by Arcturus to keep him and Ignatius from going mad.

When Fletcher got Athena's summoning scroll from King Harold and summoned her, Ignatius showed a hint of jealousy.

When Fletcher's squadron was raiding the pyramid, Fletcher saw the Albino Orc had a demon with a striking resemblance to a Salamander demon but was obsidian black, along with the fact that it had wings, and a horn-like a dragon. After this when Fletcher was destroying Goblin eggs Ignatius jumped into the lava and seemed to enjoy himself, though it depleted Fletcher's mana reserves. Later Fletcher discovered that Ignatius has grown in size.

The Battlemage[]

Fletcher and his friends arrive in the ether with the petals that make them immune to the ether's poisonous air to escape from the orcs. They find that they have come out of the portal and find themselves on a friendly Zaratan's back, which could be described as a giant, amphibious turtle demon, shell. Cress later decides to name the Zaratan, Sheldon.

It isn't long before Fletcher and Sylva go out to look for more petals at the top of a volcano. When they get there, like in the pyramid in the jungle, Ignatius goes and swims in the lava. This, again, depletes Fletcher's mana.

There, Sylva and Fletcher collect some more petals but are stopped before they can collect everything they need. Khan, the albino orc, and a few other orcs show up, and Sylva leaves, believing they going to lose if they don't. However, Fletcher won't leave Ignatius.

Fletcher stalls for a little while, but can't hold them off forever. However, Ignatius comes to his rescue, now having grown even more than before. Now he is a larger version of himself, with a longer neck and wings, which, explained by Khan, is called a Drake.

Skills and abilities[]

  • Fire-breathing
  • Healing: Ignatius is able to heal wounds by licking them.
  • Fire Immunity
  • Flight via Wings



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