General Information
Full Name Harold Corwin
Race Human
Status Alive
Residence Palace in Corcillum
Vocans Academy (former)
Occupation King
Family Members Alfric Corwin (father)
Ophelia Faversham (relative)
Charles Faversham (relative)
Verity Faversham (relative)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Gray

King Harold Corwin is the current King of Hominum.

Physical descriptionEdit

In The Inquisition, Harold wears a gold circlet resting on a mantle of wavy blond hair, above a handsome face and piercing gray eyes.


Harold is a kindhearted man with a deep sense of morality, and shows deep concern for commoners and the other races, unlike his father.


Early lifeEdit

His mother would die at an early age, drastically changing his father to a hard and bigoted man. Because of that, the closest thing he had to a family was his Dwarf nurse.

After he became king, Harold would attempt to reform Hominums harsh laws against Dwarves and fight to give them more rights. However his father's racism, as well as the nobles lack of support limited his progress.

At some point, his best friend Lord Raleigh would be killed in an orc raid against his estate.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities
    • Due to Harold being of superior noble blood, being a prince, he easily dwarfs the fulfillment levels of any normal summoner, noble or not. His exact level is currently unknown.


  • Hellfire - Nandi
  • Unnamed - Felid
  • Unnamed - Damsel
  • Unnamed - Sobek
  • Unnamed - Shrike Matriarch
  • Solomon - Golem (former)
  • Tosk - Raiju (former)
  • Unnamed - Caladrius (former)
  • Bucephalus - Alicorn (former)
  • Basan - Hippalectryon (former)



  • His reputation appears mixed among his subjects. Some see him as a reformer and a good ruler for his attempts at peace between Dwarves and Elves while others see him as a fool who needlessly escalated the orc conflicts.
  • His fulfillment level is one of the highest ever recorded, second only to his father. Because of this he is known as a collector, even gifting Atilla and Cress their Caladrius and Raiju.