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Gremlins are one of the known races.


At some point the Gremlins were enslaved by the Orcs and turned to little more than servants and fodder. Some have managed to escape the orcs captivity and taken refuge within the warren of an Orc known as Mother.


Gremlins are bipedal humanoids that grew to about a man's knee. They have large bat-like ears, elongated noses and long, slender fingers that are used for prying snails from shells and insects from logs. Their eyes are rather large in comparison to their bodies. They commonly had gray skin like the orcs, but other variations in skin color such as red and blue are not unheard of. They typically dressed in simple loincloths that covered their waist.

Skills and abilities[]

Their roles in orcish society are akin to being a squire towards a knight, tending to his needs and answering to him. For the most part, they display little intelligence and are poor fighters. However, some, such as Blue, have shown a certain degree of intelligence, being able to use simple tools and weapons and speak in human tongue.


  • Fletcher first saw a gremlin in a dueling tent on the front lines.
  • Hominum soldiers are known to capture Gremlins and have them duel animals.
  • Fletcher named the gremlin he helped escape Blue.