Summoner: The Novice Wikia

The Ether is another world in where summoners hunt for creatures known as demons.

When a summoner dies, their demon will remain in our world for a few hours, before they are reabsorbed back into the ether.


Currently, it is unknown whether on not the elves travelled to the Ether to capture demons, but since Hominum summoners were taught by the elves how to summon and use the skills of travelling to the Ether, it can be presumed as such. Orcs have been summoning ever since recorded history, but their practices differ from the elves and Hominum, so it can be assumed that they have been summoning long before.

Accessing the Ether[]

The ether can only be accessed by summoners using a keyed pentacle made of organic material. By powering up the keyed pentacle with Mana, the summoner opens a doorway to the ether. by stopping the flow of Mana, the summoner can close the portal. The size of the portal doesn’t seem to matter to the summoner, as large demons such as Wendigos have stumbled through the portal even though the portal was small. Once the portal is open and stable, the summoner may send their demon through to capture other demons.

The Orcs appear to use a different way of opening and using portals. By carving a pentacle in stone, they fill the grooves with blood and power the portal that way. They also appear to be able to create larger variants of portals, taking five of their own Shamans to keep it open.

Hominum and the orcs have different keys. The different keys make entrances to entirely different parts of the ether. The air of the Ether appears to be poisonous to humans, able to cause paralysis and the victim to enter a comatose state with minimal exposure. These can last from a few hours to years possibly for the affected persons lifetime.

In the Inquisition, it is revealed that orcs have found a way to access the ether without getting poisoned. Through some consumption of special yellow petals, one can endure the effects of ether for a certain span of time.

Should a summoner make a portal and it closes with their demon on the other side, their bond with their demon is broken.


The ether is disk-shaped and made up of different rings, with expansive jungles, lakes, deserts, forests, plains, canyons, and other biomes. The sky is tinged red and cloudy. The outer rings are where the weaker demons are and also the Deadlands. The inner rings would have the most powerful demons, but that’s also where the most danger is. All demons have a subconscious pull from the centre of the ether.

the Ether is apparently quite vast, as Fletcher has described the size of the Ether to be equal “of a thousand Hominums”.