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Elves are one of the known races.


The elves are known as the second race to practice summoning, after the Orcs. It is the elves who taught Humans how to summon. During the First Orc War, they would provide troops to the Hominum army after the son of an Elf chieftain was captured.

The ability to summon was eventually lost to them as after constant dueling and battling, they lost every demon their summoners had, so there were none left to give.


All elves in general have long, pointed ears and fine bone structures.

Their society is structured into a castes system between the High and Wood Elves. High Elves like Sylva have pale silver hair and live within the trees while Wood Elves have darker hair and live on the forest floor.

Daily Life[]

The elves are known to raise many kinds of deer and even moose. The ground of the great forest where the elves live is coated with green moss which the deer eat. As described by Sylva "The herds give us everything. Furs and leathers for clothing and blankets; meat and milk for our tables; bones and antlers for carving; sinews and raw hide for bowstrings and stitching. We even render their fats for tallow, making soaps, candles, and glues."

Elves usually use bows and falxs as weapons, but wood elves use eagles to help keep the herds safe. The wood elves are also known to keep foxes as pets.