General Information
Full Name Elizabeth Cavendish
Race Human
Age 20 (The Outcast)
Status Deceased
Residence Vocans Academy
Cavendish Downs
Occupation Battlemage
Rank Lieutenant
Captain (former)
Family Members Unnamed husband
Connor Cavendish (son)
Rufus Cavendish (son)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Elizabeth Cavendish was a noble Battlemage serving in Hominum's Celestial Air Corps.

Physical descriptionEdit


Elizabeth was far kinder and open minded than other nobles. This can be shown when she married a commoner out of love and accepted Arcturus as a fellow summoner.

Additionally she was dedicated to her duty as a battlemage as even when she was pregnant with her first child she continued to serve in the Celestial Corps. Despite that, she also did not see to care about her low rank.


Early lifeEdit

Elizabeth was born within the house of Cavendish with the ability of summoning. She was sent to Vocans Academy to train to be a battlemage. During her time there she fell in love with a servant, despite tradition dictating that she must marry a second or third born child of another noble family, she chose to marry the servant instead. Her marriage caused great controversy among the other nobles and she was often the topic of gossip from the other families. When she graduated from Vocans, she only received a second Lieutenancy, the lowest rank available to a battlemage. Elizabeth became a member of the Hominum Celestial Corps and was soon pregnant with her first child.


Elizabeth was the battlemage assigned to escort Arcturus to Vocans Academy after it was discovered that he had the ability to summon. She listened to his story and was sympathetic off his situation and told him about her own life in Vocans. Before dropping him off in the academy she advised him to be cautious and gave him her Dirk.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities


  • Hubertus - Peryton †