Lovett 01
General Information
Full Name Elaine Lovett
Race Human
Age 13 (The Outcast)
Status Alive
Residence Vocans Academy
Occupation Battlemage
Rank Captain
Fulfillment Level 11 (The Novice)
Family Members Arcturus (husband)
Fergus Lovett (brother)
Carter Lovett (brother)
Arthur Lovett (brother)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray

Elaine Lovett is a member of Hominum's Celestial Air Corps and a teacher in Vocans Academy.

Physical descriptionEdit

She has been described as having raven hair with a strict face, yet loses all its harshness when she smiles.


She was described by Fletcher as approachable and open to all her students. Elaine was shown to be quite resourceful as despite being given only a Mite, became adept in capturing demons. She was courageous and cared about her demons as shown when she risked her life by entering the Ether to pull Valens out.


Early lifeEdit

Elaine Lovett is the fourth daughter of the Lovetts of Calgary, a small fief in northern Hominum. Due to her young age and having multiple children with the summoner ability, Elaine's father gave her his weakest demon, a mite named Valens.

The NoviceEdit

Elaine served as a teacher in Vocans Academy where she was in charge of teaching students about Scrying and capturing demons.

During her class, she taught her students about infusion and Scrying. To demonstrate, she sent her Mite, Valens, into the Ether to give the students a chance to see what it was like.

Unfortunately, her demonstration coincided during the Shrikes migrated across their part of the Ether. One Shrike attacked Valens and injured him before he was able to cross back through the portal. Elaine quickly donned protective gear and went in after him. The Shrike then turned on her and damaged the helmet she wore, exposing Elaine to the poisonous air of the Ether, leaving her in shock. Arcturus arrived shortly after and took her to the infirmary.

She was left paralyzed and her class was taken over by Damian Rook. Although she was unable to move, she was able to see through Valens as he was not infused with her. Using Valens she assists Fletcher and Atilla in their escape after stopping Lord Forsyth attempts to attack a Dwarven Council meeting and leads them back to Vocans Academy.

The BattlemageEdit

She joined in the war and fought against the orcs. She later married Arcturus after defeating the orcs.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities: While it's always the firstborn (twins included) who inherits the ability to summon, the Lovett's were blessed with multiple children who possessed the ability.
    • Elaine possesses the rare ability to see through the eyes of her demons without the use of a scrying stone. These beings were known as seers.


  • Valens - Mite
  • Bucephalus - Alicorn
  • Lysander - Griffin (former)
  • Basan - Hippalectryon (former)



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