Dwarves are one of the known races.


Dwarves have been said to have been in Hominum long before the arrival of the first man. They cleared the forests, flattened the earth, diverted the rivers, even put up the great marker stones that map out Hominum’s territory.


Dwarves are described as being half the height of a human, earning them the insulting name of half-man. Dwarven men are known for having longer beards depending on their age and rank. As a result, they are often judged by their beard. Dwarven men also have a tattoo on their back signifying that they are in fact a dwarf, and they also show which clan they come from.

The dwarven women on the other hand often wear veils on the face. They wear them because of a tradition that the dwarven men would only marry them because of their personality and not their looks. The veils are also worn in marriage. So far Cress Freyja is the only dwarf woman that has chosen to forgo this practice.

They prefer to live underground, originally for protection from the environment, but later on grew to prefer it over sleeping above ground.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Dwarves are amazing metal workers and this makes them the best blacksmiths in Hominum. They are the only race able to create muskets and other firearms which gives them a monopoly.

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