Rook 01
General Information
Full Name Damian Rook
Also known as Rook
Race Human
Status Alive
Residence Vocans Academy (former)
Occupation Inquisitor
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Damian Rook is a member of the Inquisition.

Physical descriptionEdit

A tall, slender man with a sallow, bearded face and small, black eyes. His uniform is cut from black cloth with silver trimming.


He holds the Noble Summoners in high regard to the point where he sees anyone else whether it be commoners, dwarfs or elves with disdain, as evident with his attitude towards his class. To nobles, he is polite and quick to give out praise, but to commoners, he is openly rude and insults them.


Early lifeEdit

Rook appears in the Origins as a student in Vocans. He is later expelled for trying to kill Arcturus. He later becomes an inquisitor.


Rook and another Inquisitor named Charles were in the village of Robur, looking for potential Summoners. He repeatedly complained about the conditions there as he tested the children. They were able to find one child with Summoning abilities, a teenager named Rory. However, he ran away before they were able to take him. Rook would send his Minotaur, Caliban after him though Rory was able to escape. Eventually, Rory would return and agree to go to Vocans Academy.

The NoviceEdit

Rook would be called to Vocans Academy as a substitute teacher after Captain Lovett was incapacitated due to Ether poisoning. After hearing that Fletcher is an orphan and accuses Arcturus of continuing his search for more orphan bastards. He would show favor to the nobles and bias against commoners, dwarves, and elves. He tests each student's fulfillment level before announcing that only nobles will be allowed to catch new demons in the Ether.

He later handed out scrying stones, giving the largest ones to nobles while the commoners received the smallest ones. Rook and Arcturus teach the students about dueling before the competition, though he was easily defeated as he did not put up a shield at the start, he angrily dismissed the class afterward.

During the competition, he would be the one explaining the rules and dismisses all of Scipio's concerns about the nobles having an advantage and assigns the competitors. Rook does it in a way that the more powerful commoners will have the most difficult time in winning while the nobles have an easy time. During the competition, he assigned the nobles to shield Fletcher in his fight against Malik, though of the four people selected, only Scipio was channeling the spell properly.

After the competition he and two Pinkertons arrested Fletcher when he heard about his alleged murder attempt of Didric Cavell.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities


  • Caliban - Minotaur
  • Unnamed - Strix