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Canids are a kind of demon used by Summoners seen throughout the series.


Canids are common carnivorous demons that can still hold their own in a fight. With a fulfillment level of seven and a base mana count of 48, Canids are relatively easy to find, but based on Ophelia Faversham's comments, capturing one is quite another matter.

Resembling a large dog with four eyes, a muscled body and a ridge of fur running down its spine. These demons range in size from that of a large dog to a small pony, depending on the breed. With vicious claws and teeth, Canids are capable demons who stay loyal to their masters to the end.

Canids are also cousin to a variety of other demons: the level-six Vulpid and the level-eight Anubid and Lycan.

Known owners of Canids[]