General Information
Full Name Berdon Wulf
Race Human
Status Alive
Residence Raleighshire
Pelt (former)
Occupation Blacksmith
Family Members Fletcher Raleigh (foster son)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Red

Berdon Wulf is a blacksmith from Pelt who took Fletcher in as baby.

Physical descriptionEdit

Berdon has long, red hair with a handlebar mustache and beard. He is considered the largest man in the village.


Berdon is gruff, but kind-hearted man. He took Fletcher in as a baby without hesitation and raised him as his own son and apprentice. He wanted to support Fletcher, even after they found his true family and he had realized his summoning powers.


Early lifeEdit

Berdon worked in Pelt as a blacksmith when Fletcher was left outside the village after the demon who carried him vanished back into the Ether, naked and without swaddling clothes. Having no family to support and having a profession not dependent on the seasons he agreed to take in Fletcher. He raised Fletcher as his own son, having him work as an apprentice.

The NoviceEdit

Berdon would wake up Fletcher to have him help prepare for the arrivals of a convoy of traders to sell weapons and replace horseshoes of their worn out horses. However, since they were accompanied by Pinkertons, weapon sales were not as good as horseshoes.

He would take in Rotherham, a soldier/trader who befriended Fletcher and assisted him in a bar fight against Didric after the latter cheated Fetcher out of an elk. Later that night, he assisted in helping Fletcher escape the town after he accidentally summoned a demon which attacked Didric after he attempted to kill Fletcher. He advised him to flee south from the guard. He gave him a Khopesh along with several packages and a note that revealed he considered Fletcher his son and planned to make him his partner in the forge. The packages he gave were a bow and a quiver of arrows, jerky from the elk Fletcher killed, and a thousand Shillings for his journey.

The InquisitionEdit

It was revealed that after Fletcher fled Pelt, Didric and his guards broke into Berdon's hut and beat him up, after which his hut was burned down. Berdon would be imprisoned for several days for minor offenses, but he was still able to visit Fletcher after he was captured.

He would help prove Fletcher's innocence by telling Caulder about how he found Fletcher. Afterward, Caulder revealed his story about how Fletcher is actually the lost son of Lord Raleigh and Lady Queensouth. He would later join the other villagers who were left homeless to live in Raleighshire.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Blacksmithing


  • Blacksmith Hammer