A battle-gauntlet is a relatively new piece of battlemage equipment partially pioneered by Fletcher Raleigh and designed by Athol the dwarf shortly before the events of The Inquisition. It was derived as an alternative to Fletcher's orcish tattoos that he acquired from The Novice which allowed him to entirely bypass the etching step of casting a spell, allowing for easier and faster spell-casting. It also allowed him to release and infuse demons without needing to use a summoning mat, thanks to a summoning pentagram being one of the tattoos.

Design & UtilityEdit

The gauntlet is described as a leather glove with each finger, excluding the index, embossed with 4 of the 5 glyphs used for primary battle-spells. (Fire, Lightning, Telekinesis, Shield) The index was left purposefully blank to facilitate any additional spells outside of the 4 basic ones. The palm also incorporates a summoning pentagram for speedy infusions and summonings. The gauntlet can also double as a piece of armor, as the area covering the back of the hand and forearms are lightly armored.

Notable UsersEdit

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