General Information
Full Name Atilla Thorsager
Race Dwarf
Status Deceased
Residence Vocans Academy
Occupation Battlemage (in-training)
Fulfillment Level 10
Family Members Uhtred Thorsager (father)
Briss Thorsager (mother)
Othello Thorsager (twin brother)
Essie Thorsager (sister)
Thaissa Thorsager (sister)
Ulfr (relative)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green

Atilla Thorsager was the twin brother of Othello and one of the first-year dwarf summoners who are training at Vocans Academy.

Physical descriptionEdit

Being twins, Atilla and Othello were almost indistinguishable save for the fact that Atilla kept his beard in braids.


In The Novice, he is shown to hate humans due to his unjust punishments from the Pinkertons. However, this changed after Fletcher saves his life by carrying him to safety in the midst of a battle. Atilla cares greatly about his people and would gladly fight and die for them, though his hotheadedness usually causes him to prefer violence over diplomacy.

He also appears rather conservative when it comes to Dwarven customs such as when he disapproves of Cress not hiding her face with a veil.


Early lifeEdit

When he and Othello were younger, they were inseparable and often got in trouble. Although his constant abuses by the Pinkertons caused him to develop a hatred towards humans. This caused him to drift apart from his more moderate brother. Like Othello, he was tested as a Summoner and came up positive, though he refused to fight due to his hatred of humans and saw his brother as a traitor for doing so.

The NoviceEdit

Atilla along with the rest of his family met Fletcher when Othello first brought him to their home to get his uniform fixed and look for a scabbard for his Khopesh. Atilla angrily demanded that Fletcher leave and that he was not welcome there. He was rebuked by Othello who demanded that he leave.

He was among the Dwarves present in the war council to decide their next course of action. Atilla was in favor of attempting a rebellion once again and called out Othello as a coward and human lover when he spoke out against the idea. Ultimately the council voted against going to war but was nearly attacked by a group of human soldiers ordered there by Lord Forsyth. This ambush was foiled by Fletcher and Sylva and the Dwarves were able to escape.

During the chaos, Atilla was injured by a musket ball to the leg. He nearly died but was saved by Fletcher who carried him to Vocans and hid him until his family could pick him up. After this encounter, he grew to respect certain humans and vowed to change the corrupt system they live under.

After this encounter, he would reconcile with his brother forge a monocle using Fletcher's scrying stone per his request. Before the final tournament, he reveals that he plans to join Vocans Academy next year.

The BattlemageEdit

Atilla sacrificed himself to save his friends from the goblins and orc invasion.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities


  • Unnamed - Caladrius